Modal, Cupro, Lyocell

Modal, Cupro & Lyocell are eco-friendly types of rayon fiber. They are prized for their exceptional softness. Modal and Lyocell are manufactured from wood pulp (mainly eucalyptus & beech trees) and Cupro is made from recycled cotton linter. These fibers are produced in a closed loop system where the chemicals and water used in production can be extracted and recycled. 

Cupro is known as vegan silk. It’s smooth, hypoallergenic, thermo regulating, and durable. Modal and Lyocell are absorbent, breathable and wrinkle resistant, with a super soft silky texture. Lyocell is also known as Tencel however Tencel ™ is actually a brand name owned by Austrian company Lenzing AG for an improved fabric from lyocell fibre. 

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